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Recycled Silver


Platinum Plated Ear Cuff
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Sustainability & Responsibility
We use recycled metals processed by refiners that are dedicated to taking responsibility for adopting the best sustainable practices as soon as they become available. It is made by expert metalsmiths that simply melt down existing silver or gold to give a result that looks and feels exactly the same as new metal just without the same environmental impact. Our recycled glasses are made of scrap windows and bottle glasses.
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Blast - Platinum Plated Ear Cuff
A bold continuous line moves and intersects itself to form this ear cuff, exploring the gulf between uninterrupted movement and a single, explosive rush of energy.

Collection Narrative:

Coil pursues forms that interweave and juxtapose narratives about the human condition, creating something new through repetition and superimposition. In evoking the empty spaces between individual coils, the collection focus on the slightly heretical notion that "life is all middle" and that we often find ourselves drawn into moments whose beginnings are concealed and whose ends seem to melt away into mutability.

The collection is uses the coil of a corded telephone as a motif and, while drawing on a diverse range of source material, takes as a starting point the concentric circles of Amsterdam as described by Albert Camus in the early pages of his 1956 novel The Fall.

Additional Reading

The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in recycled sterling silver.


The ear cuff is available in one size only.

Product Care

When you love something, you don't throw it away or replace it. You mend it. We can lovingly renew and restore sterling silver and gold vermeil jewellery - just like my grandparent's mended my clothes for me when I was a child. 

Renewing scratches and minor damage: Small scratches, broken posts, missing stones - these can also be easily repaired - so they can last a life time and become heirlooms. 

Renewing: Completedworks gold vermeil plating is 3 mircons thick - which should mean the gold will last 2-3 years of regular wear. If it does become worn, we can offer an affordable and hassle-free replating service.


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